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  8. SEA ICE
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  1. AIM Mission:aeronomy of ice in the mesosphere
  2. All About Snow
  3. Applied Snow and Avalanche Research
  4. Australian Antarctic Division - Ice cores and climate change
  5. Avalanche Emergency
  7. California Snowpack
  8. Canadian Ice Service - Service canadien des glaces
  9. CyberSpace Snow and Avalanche Center
  10. Dr Richard Wild - Heavy Snow, Blizzards, Snowstorms and Snowfall Site
  11. Electron Microscopy Unit Snow Page
  12. Extreme Ice Survey
  13. Flow in Polycrystalline Ice
  14. Forest Service National Avalanche Center:us
  15. GISP2 :greenland icesheet project
  16. Global Land Ice Measurements from Space (GLIMS)
  17. Guide to Snowflakes
  18. Ice Physics
  19. Ice Sheets Play Important Role in Climate Change
  20. Ice, Cloud, and Land Elevation Satellite
  21. Ice-core evidence of abrupt climate changes
  22. Inst. of Low Temp. Sciencein meteorology, bio et al.(jp)
  23. National Ice Center
  24. National Operational Hydrologic Remote Sensing Center :snow
  25. National Snow and Ice Data Center:us
  26. Research Group for Phase Transition Dynamics of Ice
  27. Secrets of the Ice from the Museum of Science, Boston
  28. Snow Crystals
  29. Snowcrystals
  30. Snowflake Splendor by Rick Doble
  31. Snowflakes and Snow Crystals
  32. Southeast Alaska Avalanche Center
  33. Swiss Federal Institute for Snow and Avalanche Research
  34. The SNOW Research :us army
  35. The Structure and Mechanical Behavior of Ice
  36. US Snow Climatology
  37. Utah Avalanche Center Main
  38. ice-core-LIA:little ice-age


  39. AMS The DataStreme Project:meted
  40. BOM - Learn About Meteorology
  42. Dr Dewpoint's Library:on weather education
  43. Geog/ES 1425:intro meteo
  44. Introduction to Meteorology (Atm. Sci. 240)
  45. Introduction to Meteorology - Professor Steve Ackerman
  46. La Meteo au Quotidien - Phénomènes Météo
  47. Learn About Meteorology
  48. MetEd
  49. Meteorology Guide the online guides
  50. Online Guides instructional modules and curriculum meteorology


  51. 36N project overview:ocean temperature
  52. Acoustic Thermometry of Ocean Climate
  53. CLIMODE:ocean temperature
  54. CSIRO Marine and Atmospheric Research
  55. Chartroom (STORMSURF)
  56. Institute of Marine Sciences METU, Turkey
  57. Marine Weather dot Com
  58. NOAA/PMEL TAO :tropical atmospheric ocean array
  59. Naval Research Laboratory Monterey
  60. Ocean Climate Laboratory Web Site
  61. PMEL pacific marine environment laboratory
  62. Port Medteorological Officers Voluntary Observing Ship Program PMO VOS Port Meteorological Officer
  63. SOWER :soundings of ozone and water in the equatorial region
  64. Shelf Sea Oceanography and Meteorology research group:plymouth
  65. Topex/Poseidon Equatorial Pacific Sea Level Analysis
  66. Welcome to Oceanweather's
  67. Welcome to the Centre de Meteo Marine:fr


  68. BADC: help on the HYREX Unified Model dataset:uk mesoscale model
  69. Cooperative Institute for Mesoscale Meteorological Studies
  70. MM5 mesoscale model
  71. Mesoscale Group, UW
  72. Mesoscale Meteorology Primer
  73. RegCM2 homepagemesoscale
  74. Regional and Mesoscale Meteorology Branch
  75. The Mesoscale Alpine Programme:weather in the mountains


  76. A Databank of Antarctic Surface Temperature and Pressure Data
  77. ADD - International Arctic Environmental Data Directory
  78. BNL METEOROLOGYbrookhaven national lab
  79. Bad Meteorology
  80. Bureau of Meteorology Research Centre:au
  81. COMETcooperative program for operational meteorology education and training
  82. Cooperative Institute for Meteorological Satellite Studies
  83. European Meteorological Education and Training
  84. FSU Department of Meteorology:and courses
  85. Federal Meteorological Handbook #3 Rawinsonde and Pibal
  86. GOES Project Science
  87. Gravity Recovery and Climate Experiment
  88. ICESat Ice, Cloud, and Land Elevation Satellite
  89. IHM Meteorologie Projekt VERTIKOvertical transport of energy and trace gases
  90. LSC Meteorology Department Bookmarks:classes
  91. Light and Optics online meteorology guide
  92. Meteorological Research Institute:jp
  93. Meteorology:at aberdeen
  95. NASA Langley Atmospheric Sciences Data Center (Distributed Active Archive Center)
  96. National Meteorological Library
  97. National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration NOAA
  98. Operational Significant Event Imageryin meteorology
  99. PHYS-255 Meteorology UW-Stout Physics Department
  100. Polar Meteorology
  101. Professor Mandia - Meteorology, Weather Forecasting, Climate, Hurricanes and Earth Science Information
  102. Radar Meteorology at McGill
  103. Satellite Meteorology
  104. Satellite Tutorials / Image Examples
  105. TRMM Web Site - NASAtropical rainfall measuring mission
  106. The Hydrologic Cycle online meteorology guide
  107. The LOIS Programme:river atmosphere coast study
  108. The World of METNAVmeteorologial navigational technician


  109. Beach Ridge, Lake Level Projectpaleoclimatology of the great lakes
  110. Carbonate Processes & Palaeoenvironments - Research in karst, speleology, paleoclimate, dating methods, carbonate platforms, speleothems, quarrying, limestone etc
  111. Drought A Paleo Perspective in the us
  112. ES 331/767 Ice Age Environments/Quaternary Geology index
  113. Earth's Climate Past and Future
  114. Education & Outreach - NOAA Paleoclimatology
  115. Global Warming FAQ - paleoclimate
  116. Global land environments during the last 130,000 years
  117. Introduction to Paleoclimatology
  118. La Sequia en America del Norte: paleodrought
  119. Laboratory for Paleoclimatology and Climatology at the University of Ottawa
  120. Late Cretaceous Climate Change
  121. NOAA Paleoclimatology Program
  122. NZ Paleoclimate
  123. Neogene climate evolution of eurasia
  124. PAGES - Past Global Changes
  125. PClimate.html:paleoclimatology
  126. Paleoclimate Climate and Climate Change
  127. Paleoclimate Modeling - Obtaining and Visualizing Data
  128. Paleoclimate Reseach
  129. Paleoclimatology and climate system dynamics
  130. Past Global Changes
  131. Plate tectonics and the evolution of climate
  132. SNOWBALL EARTH:paleoclimate
  133. Taconite Inlet Project :paleoclimatology
  134. The GISP2 ice core record--paleoclimate highlights
  135. The Paleoclimates from Arctic Lakes and Estuaries (PALE)
  136. The Stage Three Project :quaternary climate
  137. chrono Home:past and present climates

    *SEA ICE*

  138. Alaska Lake Ice and Snow Observatory Network
  139. Arctic Ice Processes
  140. Arctic Sea Ice Melting
  141. Hajo Eicken's homepage at the Geophysical Institute:sea ice
  142. INTERNATIONAL ICE PATROL (Icebergs) (U.S. Coast Guard)
  143. Iceberg Information
  144. Icebergs
  145. National Ice Center:sea ice
  146. Sea Ice Research Laboratory
  147. Sea Ice pages
  148. Sea Ice
  149. The Floating Ice Group at the Geophysical Institute




  151. ADDS - Aviation Digital Data Service:weather us
  152. AWIS Weather Services
  153. Arctic Climatology and Meteorology Primer
  154. Brian Jewett:and weather
  155. Indian Ocean Monsoon
  156. Indigenous Weather Knowledge
  157. Monsoon On Line
  158. NATS101 Intro to Weather and Climate
  159. NWS Internet Weather Source
  160. NWS JetStream - An Online School for Weather
  161. Nasa African monsoon Multidisciplinary Analyses
  162. North American Weather Consultants
  163. Short articles about weather and climate
  164. The Air Place for Weatherbugs and other Weather Fans
  165. The Weather Center
  166. The Weather Doctor
  167. The Weather Network
  168. The Weather and You
  169. Tim Vasquez:and weather graphics
  170. Tropical Atmosphere Ocean Project
  171. Tropmet - Your Online Weather Resource
  172. Troy M Kimmel:and us weather
  173. Unisys Weather
  174. Weather Analysis Page
  175. Weather Classroom, from The Weather Channel
  176. Weather Dude
  177. Weather One - There Is A Season
  178. Weather Reporttutorial
  179. Weather Station Model
  180. WeatherEye
  181. Western Kansas Weather Modification Program
  182. Wonderful World of Weather
  183. educational resources:weather


  184. Canada's New Wind Chill Index
  185. Environment Canada's Wind Chill Program
  186. Meteorological Field Measurements at Potential and Actual Wind Turbine Sites
  187. Morning Glory Waves of the Gulf of Carpentaria:airwaves
  188. USDA-ARS Wind Erosion Research Unit


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